Adderbury Bellringers

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We ring at St Mary's Church, Adderbury, just off the High Street.

Ringing is before the main Sunday service ringing from 9.30am for an hour.

Practice is on Tuesdays starting at 7.30pm until 9pm.

We cater for all standards from rounds to Surprise Major.

The Tower has a reputation for social events, which invariably involve food and drink, our dinners are excellent and the annual BBQ too is well worth attending.

Feel free to come and join us, either as a new potential learner who may have an interest in what goes on, or as an experienced visitor.

For more details contact Trevor Trivett, our tower captain on 01295 811773

or through the "Contact us" form

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Our News

Next event will be branch striking competition.

An excellent tour to somerset. Thank you trevor.

We are always looking for new ringers so please contact us if interested.